Articles section of the member profile

Articles creation and publishing now available

From now on, all members are able to write and publish "articles". An article is a free standing piece (a web page) with its own address (URL). 

Logged in users have a new entry in the their "My menu" section on the right hand side of the screen: "Create an article". Clicking here, brings the user to a screen for editing an article. After saving, the article is automatically published. Subsequently, articles can be further edited, and also trashed. 

It is possible to add photos. Up front the system offers an introduction image (here an image showing the new "My menu"), which is shown together with the introduction, and also a second image, which is shown together with the full article.  

While entering an article, it is possible to plug in a introduction divider, using a button "Read more", in the header of the editor. The divider is shown as a red dotted line. In this article, the divider is entered just before "It is also possible to add photos..".

My articles

All articles written by a member, is available at the "Blog" tab in the user profile, as seen by the screen shot above. 

Share your news

Many, many observatories now go into hibernation, as the season is over, or is close to being over. We are many who are curious. How was your season? Better, later, worse? Any cool recoveries?  Any memorable days? Share your season summary with us - write an article!


Those of us who attended the second IBOC meeting in Cape May, got unforgettable memories. With time, I am quite certain many of us, also us coming from overseas, will pass by again. The IBOC II section of this site, has been populated with programme, abstracts, and links to speakers, have a look here. Photos are also on their way in.. Stay tuned.